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Mostly because Britney and Madonna shared a kiss:. But guys! Christina Aguilera was there too and she also shared a kiss with Madonna! And TBH, Xtina’s still kinda hurt over the whole thing. They cut away to get Justin [Timberlake’s] reaction. Since the pair weren’t even dating at the time, Christina says the decision to leave her kiss out and cut to JT was a “cheap shot.

Justin Timberlake Once Kissed Jessica Simpson For A Bet

An iconic image from an iconic couple, the pair wore these matching denim get-ups to the American Music Awards. Britney rocked an oh-so slip dress while Justin wore an also of the time sparkly, pin-striped suit for a night out in Beverly Hills. In November , Justin was on hand to support his girlfriend at the release of her latest album, Britney. Blige at the Super Bowl halftime show. In February , just a month before their split, the pair appeared on Saturday Night Live together.

He takes a pretty woman out on a date and ends up taking her back home to have Justin Timberlake, the most popular guy in school PLUS Christina Aguilera.

The singer’s squeaky-clean image has been ruined by reports of her smoking, under-age drinking and having lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake. Church leaders wish Britney hadn’t had sex before marriage and would wear less revealing clothes. Bob Sheffield from the Southern Baptist Convention said: “I would have preferred it if she wore more clothes and if she had waited and had sex after marriage. But Jesus will forgive her. The group’s organizer Richard Ross told Heat: “The groups are full of people who have had sex and then decided to make a commitment to God until they are married.

Britney will be welcomed back. Doesn’t Britney always talk about being so spiritual and always so close to her church. Well, they aren’t too thrilled about her. Go Christina! I wouldn’t want to be seen with her either.

14 of Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears’ Greatest Throwback Photos

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Alongside Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera! former NSYNC boybander started dating in until , when Timberlake’s hit hit Cry.

Shouldn’t it have it’s own article by now? I can’t find it anywhere on Wikipedia. Was it canceled? He’s more pop. This dude plays more instruments. You guys might wanna check this. He’s no virtuoso, but there are other instruments Justin Timberlake plays like the piano and bass. He played bass with Flaming Lips once and on an ‘N Sync performance. You can search for that and update the page. Also check for him playing the piano in some performances.

Look it up and update the page. There are a number of blatant mistakes, and unspecified statements on the Justin Timberlake Wikipedia page one example is that he is not “rumoured” to be dating Jessica Biel, but is in fact, doing so; this has been confirmed by Justin himself, on more than one occasion now.

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Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake remain one of the most popular celebrity pairings of the ’00s. However, despite seeming like the perfect match in many ways, the couple’s love story came to an abrupt end in early , shocking fans worldwide. But why exactly couldn’t two of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars make their relationship work?

Christina Aguilera Justin Timberlake – Stripped/Justified Tour was incredible Britney Spears Dated Many Men In The Past Including A-List Celebrities Such As​.

For red carpet events, Jessica Biel calls on stylist Estee Stanley to make her look picture perfect By Tracey Lomrantz Lester. Melissa Ordway has the best life. This weekend you can see her in Ted, one of the funniest and most buzzed about summer movies. And, you can check her out all summer long on Nick at Nite’s soap opera Hollywood Heights as the vindictive, stop-at-nothing-to-be-famous starlet Chloe.

Plus, no big deal, she has movies on the way with the likes of Jim Carrey and Willem Dafoe. By Lauren Brown. By Anna Moeslein.

Christina Aguilera talks Britney Spears love triangle with Justin Timberlake

Timberlake and Biel were among the guests at Dana Panzer and Amy Wicker’s nuptials in Norwalk, Connecticut and the singer thrilled the wedding party when he agreed to hit the stage and perform Editors at TMZ. Justin Timberlake spent his first Father’s Day The ‘Mirrors’ hitmaker – who was accompanied on the trip by his wife Jessica Biel and two-month-old son Silas – booked a penthouse

Christina Aguilera news, gossip, photos of Christina Aguilera, biography, Christina Aguilera boyfriend list Relationship history. Christina.

Among the hushed cul-de-sacs with names like Polo Run and Autumn Winds, he grew. He breathed air so clean that when it whipped dandelion plumes toward the sky, they mingled with clouds. He rode his bike on trimmed lawns, over medians marked with cherry trees planted exactly 5. It was the Eighties. People wore something called Ocean Pacific and acid-washed denim, an ex-movie-star was president, and the life of that boy held awesome promise.

Now Justin Timberlake — this kid, this man-child of 19, in the year of a new millennium, popping like a pink, gooey ooze of Bubbalicious on the Top 40 charts with four other like-minded burb-bred dudes in a band named N’SYNC — is a superstar. A playa, a honey, a sought-after trophy of post-pubescence, he has earned his nicknames Mr.

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears: Everything You Need to Know

If there’s one thing we learned from classic rom-com She’s All That, it’s that dating someone for a bet is categorically not okay. We always found the story – which saw a high school jock date an unpopular artist in order to win a wager – a bit unrealistic. Who would do that in real life? Turns out Justin Timberlake would, and he brought Ryan Gosling along for the ride.

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake’s Denim Date Happened 15 Years Ago Today Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera [The All New Mickey.

Spears and Timberlake ended up getting together later on from to before splitting up. Aguilera said things may have had a different timeline if Spears went for another guy who had a crush on her. Despite the crushes and love triangles, all four stars ended up with different partners. Timberlake is currently married to actress Jessica Biel while Spears has been linked to Sam Asghari, a personal trainer.

Gosling has been dating actress Eva Mendes since and has two children with her. Meanwhile, Aguilera is engaged to production assistant Matthew Rutler. Read Next. This story has been shared 79, times. This story has been shared 75, times. This story has been shared 11, times. This story has been shared 8, times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories?

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As far as celebrity feuds go, the week could have belonged to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. After all, on the opening night of Swift’s Reputation Tour , her first round-the-world jaunt in three years, the"Swish Swish” singer sent over a literal olive branch to call an end to their five-year feud—a symbolic mea culpa Swift accepted readily, and publicly, on her Instagram feed. As fans watched Aguilera riff and Spears grimace, they were instantly transported back to the early aughts.

She answers it all: Is Christina dating Dave Grohl? No. Nose job? No. Doesn’t like to make eye contact? Sometimes. Are she and Justin.

Fill out the form below, or call us at When it comes to chronicling the Justin Timberlake relationship timeline, his romantic partners are a varied bunch. MORE: The 29 oddest celebrity couples of all time! Of course, Timberlake is married to Jessica Biel , and they have a little one to make the Timberlakes a family of three. MORE: 25 Couples who pulled off the impossible, they got married in secret ceremonies! Send us scoop form close button.

Input your name. Input your email. Input your phone number. Enter scoop message here. JT’s dating history before Biel. Fergie was going by her given name then, Stacy Ferguson, and was seven years his senior when the two were an item. Photo Credit: Shutterstock Photo Credit: Shutterstock Veronica Finn Timberlake was 17 when he and singer Veronica Finn , who was a year his junior, dated for about a year and a half.

Three years after they first hooked up, they split.

Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling Apparently Made A Kissing Bet Over Jessica Simpson

Jordan was working for Azoff Music, who managed Christina at the time. The pair were introduced by her agent and soon became a couple. Christina previously said that she thinks she conceived during a stop-off in Washington, when her tour was travelling around the US. Is she going to be OK?

Christina Aguilera revealed to James Corden that she and Britney Spears Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dated from to

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Actor Ryan Gosling Talks About Singer Christina Aguilera